Girls Nite Inn is the result of the hard work and fun-having ways of two friends, Diane and Lisa. Friends for years, they began the official business of facilitating fun times with friends in 2008.

After months of hard labor (and ongoing!) on the house, Girls Nite Inn was ready to be the site of many a reunion and relaxing getaway. For the next 9 years, Diane and Lisa shared the workload of managing the business, and in 2017, Diane retired from her role at State Farm and is now the sole owner.

Diane is as “retired” as any woman running two successful businesses in Rocheport can be…not very! She enjoys antiquing, reading suspense drama novels and working in her herb garden. She’s also the owner of Stockton Mercantile, an antique and gift shop in downtown Rocheport.

“It seems like everyone is so busy and you have all these circles of friends, so it’s nice to have a place to go where you can unplug and relax. That’s what we tried to create when we started Girls Nite Inn.” – Diane